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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. It clears, balances, grounds and replenishes the body’s aura and Chakras, promoting a healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is easy to learn. You must be attuned by a Reiki Master/Teacher and, once attuned, you will have Reiki for the remainder of your life, no matter how frequently or infrequently you use it. It does not matter what you do for a living or how many levels of Reiki that you choose to take, Reiki is beneficial and can be used in all areas of your life.

There are four levels of Reiki certification. First level practitioners can conduct Reiki treatments on themselves, others, animals and plants. Second level practitioners can do the same but can also perform Reiki treatments from a distance. Third level practitioners are considered Reiki Masters and fourth level practitioners are Master/Teachers.

Reiki classes entail a day of classroom knowledge as well as hands-on training. Practitioners are attuned and certified at the end of the training.

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Level I Degree (Practitioner):


In Level I, the student learns the Reiki power symbol and experiences different ways of using it along with the Reiki hand positions. The student is also coached on how to prepare themselves for a healing session, what to expect during a session, and then conducts a healing session as part of the class training. This course spends a great deal of time on the actual healing session and the Chakras so that the student gains the confidence and knowledge necessary to enable them to use Reiki on themselves, others, animals, plants or situations. At the end of training, students receive the attunement and are initiated as Usui/Tibetan Level I practitioners.

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Level II Degree (Practitioner):  

In Level II, the student reviews the Reiki power symbol, learns the mental/emotional symbol and the distant healing symbol. With the addition of these two Graphic8symbols, the student can then expand their healing experiences to deal with mental and emotional issues and administer Reiki energy from a distance or remotely to others. This course details the uses for each of the symbols, working with the energy, frequency levels and the Chakras.  More time is spent on the actual healing session to allow the students to experience for themselves how the symbols are channeled and used in different situations. At the end of training, students receive the attunement and are initiated as Usui/Tibetan Level II practitioners.  (Prerequisite:  Usui/Tibetan Reiki Level I)

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Level III Degree (Master):


In the advanced or Master level class you will learn the Master symbol, psychic surgery techniques and aura cleansing. In addition, you will be working with crystals, the Reiki grid, Meditations and techniques for removing energy blockages. A good deal of time will be spent in hands-on healing sessions. At the end of training, students receive the attunement and are initiated as Usui/Tibetan Level III healers - Reiki Masters.  (Prerequisite:  Usui/Tibetan Reiki Levels I and II)

Usui/Tibetan Level IV Degree (Master/Teacher):

In Level IV, the student reviews all the previous symbols and techniques, learns the Tibetan Masters symbol and acquires another healing technique. In addition, the student learns how to perform Reiki attunements for initiation ceremonies and works alongside their Teacher, co-teaching until the student becomes comfortable and confident in teaching classes on their own.  (Prerequisite:  Usui/Tibetan Reiki Levels I, II and III).

Class Rates:

Reiki Level I - $350
Reiki Level II - $400
Reiki Level III - $450 (Master)
Reiki Level IV - $500 (Teacher)
Reiki Drumming - $575

Costs include manuals, all materials and certification documents.  

Class size is limited.  Non-refundable deposit ($50) is required to secure a space in class - click here to pay online using credit card or PayPal.  Classes are held on a Saturday (see events page) from 10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

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