The Basic Principles of Face Reading

Sat, Jun 10, 2017 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Location: 333 W. Drake Rd. #32 Fort Collins 80526

Cost: $175/person

Face Reading is an extremely accurate and powerful tool to use in many areas of life and business. For example: Personal relationships, match making, diagnosing the health of your body and organs, business staffing and relationships, communication, how a person's spirit comes through in the face, inherited talents and abilities, public and private sides and what a person shows at home and in public, as well as knowing yourself, your health, and how you function in the world.

- We will briefly discuss the origin of Face Reading, where it comes from and the teachings I have learned. We will discuss the three areas of Face Reading and what it means in Chinese medicine.

- The Jing on the face: the Jing refers to a person's physical constitution and how much he or she is born with. This shows on the face in various areas. We are also born with inherited talents and abilities. We will discuss where this shows up on the face as well, what these talents and abilities are and where they come from (Mother's side, Father's side, etc.).

- The 5 Elements or Qi: we will discuss the elements, what they are, how and where they show on the face, and in the way a person dresses and what that means. This all ties in with how we interact in relationships, business, and in our personal lives.

- The Shen: The Shen is the Spirit of a person and how that shows up in the face. We will discuss what to look for when a person's spirit comes through and and how important it is when we make decisions and whether or not we have worked through certain issues and challenges. If our Spirit isn't present and not in the body or we have a difficult time staying present in certain situations it can be difficult to move forward and be our authentic self. In Chinese medicine, the Shen shows different types of peach luck. A person's peach luck shows how they operate in the world.

We will split up in groups and do some Face Reading on one another and I will read your faces as well and let you know what I see in terms of each of the areas we discuss.

Please bring a water bottle and something to write on as you will most likely want to take notes.

To register, call (970) 587-3454, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to pay/register online.

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